What we do

With more than forty years of combined knowledge and experience in the financial industry, Euro Asia Asset Management Pte Ltd (“EAAM”) strongly believes we can bring to our clients full-service solutions from both sides of the world that would exceed the ordinary offerings of typical service providers. Whether tailor made solutions, dedicated personal approach, the alignment of interests or economies of scale, we strive to deliver the best services in order to exceed the expectations of our clients and partners. We at EAAM have our own ‘skin-in-the-game’ so we understand clearly the underlying risks and opportunities involved.


Asset Management

At EAAM, we believe in a holistic approach to managing our clients’ wealth. Bespoke portfolios are crafted which will be established upon clients’ investment objectives, risk profiles and time horizons. Consistent engagement with clients also ensures a long lasting relationships where we aim to deliver sustainable returns For more savvy clients, EAAM also offers privileged access to exclusive financial investments such as private equity in the most sought after sectors like technology and green energy. This can be in the form of IPOs, private share placements, convertible bonds, which potentially could generate superlative returns.

EAAM also provides investment support to our clients through access to market research and analysis of niche financial investments. This ensures that investment decisions are also made based on sound academic evaluation to achieve the most optimal investment results.


Funds Services

We at EAAM believe in constant improvement and never resting on our laurels.

With our knowledge in setting up various capital structure vehicles such as VCCs, SPVs and family offices as well as our access to a wide range of service providers, we are able to collaborate with quality partners at cost efficiencies with our distinctive value adding experience and networks. Our existing established operational setup also serves as a strong base to extend general fund operational support in the form of directorships, general corporate administration and compliance and office space sourcing. 

Apart from established partners, we are also on the lookout for promising portfolio managers who can further add alpha to our overall portfolio allocation. Support can be provided for such candidates all the way from early stage fund incubation to ultimately capital raising to launch a sustainable fund.


Business Development

With established funds in other parts of the world, there are operational and cultural challenges involved when these operators look to relocate / redomicile to Asia and Singapore and expand their operating reach. Similarly for promising fund strategies and investment professionals often find it challenging to raise capital to expand their AUM and reach a critical scale.

EAAM aims to add value to these areas through comprehensive consulting reviews, networking opportunities and proposals such as capital raising, track record building, local business culture immersion and relationship management.


Lifestyle Solutions

The EAAM’s range of services goes well beyond financial markets and business. Both regions of Asia and Central Europe has so much to offer to enhance lifestyle experiences. For HNWIs clients and their families, we are able to advise and source for local Properties, Relocation, Health Care, Education and Recreational options in order to provide holistic service packages.

On top of that, as certified Alternative Investment Advisers we are able to identify and analyse Lifestyle Assets such as Art, Cars, Wine & Whiskey, Collectibles and Digital Assets such as NTFs. Ultimately, we are looking to build long lasting in-depth relationships with our clients that enhance lifestyles for all parties involved.