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Who we are

The world is rapidly evolving and the traditional investment models are being challenged and savings are at risk. The need for diversification into different geographic areas as well as different portfolio management tools is growing every day.

With 40+ years of combined experience in capital markets and corporate finance, our aim at Euro Asia Asset Management is to facilitate our clients in navigating cross-country, cross-assets and cross-counterparties portfolio management between European and Asian financial markets.

Euro Asia Asset Management is recognised as a Registered Fund Management Company (“RFMC”) with MAS under the Securities and Futures Act (Cap. 289) of Singapore for the regulated activity of fund management. We operate with strict risk and compliant processes and are here to serve and protect interests of Accredited Professional and Semi-Professional Investors, Portfolio Managers, Family Offices and Financial Institutions.


To utilize experience, knowledge and capital to structure investment vehicles and portfolios that would complement the goals of clients’ to contribute to their communities and aim to deliver positive financial returns for investors.


To build a fully functional bridge between Asian and European markets and operate financial vehicles that actively integrate sustainable development and ESG goals. This involves the use of novel ideas and technologies in the field of traditional and alternative assets while maintaining controlled risk and sustained profitability.


Integrity. Transparency. Compliance. Sustainability. All with our own Skin In the Game.


our professional reviews

Datin Sri Tan Kwee Hiang

Business Owner

I have invested in funds managed by Joseph over the past five years and am convinced with his investment approach which has generated positive returns for me over this period.  It is certainly reassuring to know that while investing with his team, my wealth continues to grow and is safeguarded in good hands.

Svetlana Dankovicova

Chief Executive Officer

Euro Asia is a premier partner to work with for entry into Asian markets from the West.  It has been a pleasure to work with the team in particular, Mr Karol Piovarcsy.  They have demonstrated excellent knowledge of both regulatory and commercial factors and are also highly professional in their conduct of business.

Richard Scott


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